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We offer the front drive axles for Zetor according to your requirements (speed, differential lock, driving). We also supply spare parts for Zetor, which we can expertly assemble.

Front drive axle (heavy) is intended for tractors ZETOR UR I, Z 6245, Z 7245; 7745. Tractors Zetor UR III 9540 have a different front axle but the reducer is the same as for UR I.

The front drive axles for UR I tractors have a symmetrically fixed differential (a bevel-gear pinion is located by a longitudial tractor axis). The axle can be supplied with a classic bevel gear differential or NoSPIN automatic differential. It is produced for speeds of 25 km/h; 30 km/h and occasionally 40 km/h. Axle steering can be added according to customer requirements. Watch the video.

We offer the possibility of professional service. We determine the exact cause, suggest solutions and after the mounting we will do the tests and provide guarantee.