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Motor, flywheel, cooling

The category includes parts for the three-cylinder ZETOR 5201 diesel engine used in UNC 060, UNC 061, Locust 750 loaders, tractors, but also other work equipment.

As a spare part, we offer a complete UNC flywheel with a clutch, but it is also possible to purchase separate parts from which it is assembled. It is necessary for the correct start of the engine. Use the clutch to disconnect the hydraulics to make it easier to start the engine at the correct speed. 

We also offer parts of the cooling system, which prolongs the life and proper operation of the engine. In order to achieve heat transfer and high cooling capacity, it is necessary to ensure: 

Sufficient coolant.

Change and top up coolant regularly - due to lower temperatures in winter operation.Check tightness of hoses, expansion tank and couplings.

Keep radiator fins clean.

Check the correct operation of the heat sensor.

Keep the thermostat running properly.