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Spare parts catalogs

Find a spare part in machine catalogs. Open the catalog and search for the needed spare part by catalog number.

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How to buy

1. Product selection and adding to the shopping cart

If you have chosen the product you want to buy, put the product to the shopping cart. To do so, click on the shopping cart symbol next to the chosen product. The product is placed in the cart, which will be announced by the message "Product successfully added to cart." You can then go to the order itself by clicking on the red button /right on the top/ with the value of added goods or continue shopping. Then you can again find other products that you want to buy and put them into the cart in the same way. To view the current status of the items in your shopping cart you can use the above-mentioned red button to check the total cost and number of items.

2.How to order

If you have already added to the cart everything you had chosen, you can proceed to the actual order. To do so, after the addition of the last product go to the shopping cart and click "Order". If you want to change some products in quantity, click the + or - or enter a specific amount. To remove a product from the cart, click on the cross next to the product.

3.Entering data and address

The next step is to enter your personal information such as name, surname, address. If you are our new customer, you must complete all information manually. If you have shopped with us and signed up, your email address is already registered. Click on the "Existing customer" and sign in. To edit a shipping address or enter a new one, you can do so. If you want to deliver the shipment to a different address than the billing one, tick off the "Delivery address is the same as billing address" and enter the address, where the goods should be delivered. In case you are ordering goods for the company, click on the item "Company data" and fill in the company name and ID. If you want to write some additional data to your order, you can do so in a note.

4. Shipping and payment

In the next to the last step, you select the method of transport and payment. You can choose from the offered alternatives. More information about transport prices and payment can be found on this page.

5.Summary and order sending

The last step before sending the order is the summary. In this step, check billing or shipping address, transport, payment and the total price. If you find a mistake, you can return to that step by clicking on the top bar and change incorrect data. If the order is filled correctly and you want to send the definite order, click on „The order with obligation of payment“. Then you can complete your registration by creating the account where you can monitor the status of your orders.