Store: Továrenská 1/312, 976 31 Vlkanová, Slovakia. Opening hours: Monday–Friday 7.00 - 15.00 h

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História strojárenskej výroby vo Vlkanovej

STETEX has built on a long-standing tradition of manufacturing vehicle components, such as axles, transmissions and other ones for agricultural tractors, loaders and industrial vehicles in Vlkanová. 

In the late nineties, the STETEX brand was introduced on the market based on knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering, when it gained an authorized representation in the manufacture and sale of spare parts and aggregates from VS Nápravy a.s., a direct successor of Vlkanovské strojárne and ZŤS (Závody ťažkého strojárstva) Vlkanová. 

Based on the requirements by companies ZŤS Martin, PPS Detva, ZŤS (LKT) Trstená, URSUS Warsaw, KORURS and CRYSTAL Poland, Krupinské strojárne, WAY Industry, ZETOR Brno a others, the company started to supply driven axles, side gear boxes, reducers, axle assembly groups as well as the spare parts thereto. 

At present, STETEX has supplied the axles primarily for ZETOR Tractor Series URI (3340, 4340, 5340, 6340, 7340, 3341, 4341, 5341, 6341, 7341, 5245, 6245, 7245, 7745), ZŤS ZETOR Tractor Series URII (8245, 9245, 10245, 11245, 12245, 14245, 16245 ) and URSUS agricultural tractors (934, 1034, 1134, 1234, 1434, 1634), PPS front loaders (ZŤS) UN 053.1 and UN 053.2, UNO 180, including technical support, professional factory service, repairs, modifications, redesign and retrofitting of individual aggregates, as well as the spare parts complete range. 

The post-warranty repairs and service of axles CARRARO designed for agricultural and construction machines have now been included into STETEX’s product range. 

According to customer’s requirements, we supply the genuine or alternative spares while maintaining a best price-quality ratio.